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An Overview of Drug Addiction

What Is Detox?

Detox is when substances are purged from the body. The body does this naturally with food, water, and other substances. In the context of rehab for drug and alcohol addiction, this is when a patient goes through a medically supervised withdrawal.

The withdrawal process can be physically and psychologically uncomfortable, and individuals in detox may go through a variety of withdrawal symptoms depending on what substances they are detoxing from.

The general rule is that substances have opposite effects when they exit the body from when they enter. These withdrawal symptoms can range from mildly inconvenient to serious medical conditions. 

Because of how uncomfortable it can be and the possibility of withdrawal symptoms, detox should not be attempted alone.

Rather, it is ideally done under the supervision of a medical team who can offer emotional support and manage withdrawal symptoms when they arise.

Why Detox is Important In A Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program

Why Come to Our Detox Center for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Individualized Treatment

A cornerstone of our substance abuse treatment is our understanding that each and every addict is unique. Every person that comes to us will have their own nuances and struggles. Because of this, our team will work closely with each and every guest to craft a personalized treatment plan for them.

This ensures that they get the help they need and in the manner that they need it.

Expert Medical Team

Our people are the foundation for our care beyond our luxury facilities. Our team is composed of addiction experts who will offer round-the-clock care and supervision to ensure a smooth and safe transition into a life of sobriety.

Our team can also provide support when a patient needs it during the detox process.

Continuum of Care

Our detox program is the first step in a comprehensive addiction treatment program that uses evidence-based treatment to help people beat their addictions.

By choosing to detox with us, an individual will be able to seamlessly transition into our inpatient care with no gaps or pauses in their drug rehab.

Luxury Facilities

Our treatment center offers guests access to luxury facilities such as game rooms, a music studio, a pool and spa, and many more. An onsite chef also prepares delicious and nutrient-dense meals for guests.

These facilities are there for guests so they’re comfortable and can get the rest and relaxation they need to turn their focus and energy to their recovery.

Holistic Treatment Approaches

At Luxe Recovery, we go above and beyond with our approach to care by integrating holistic approaches into our treatment.

Our guests will be able to enjoy activities like yoga and meditation, where they can learn skills that can help them cope with their cravings when they leave our treatment program.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Luxe Recovery holds itself to the highest standards of confidentiality. This ensures that our guests’ privacy will be respected and protected so they don’t have to worry about anyone finding out about their struggle with addiction and focus entirely on their healing.

An Overview of Our Drug and Alcohol Detox Program

At Luxe Recovery, our detox program is designed to lay down a foundation for long-term sobriety. We’ve streamlined the recovery process into a comprehensive journey. Here’s a brief overview of our detox process:

Managing Withdrawal Symptoms

Mental Health Services

Seamless Transition into Residential Care

Begin Your Journey To Sobriety and Detox with Us at Our Addiction Treatment Center 

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